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    Server Rules


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    Server Rules Empty Server Rules

    Post  Admin on Wed Jan 06, 2010 8:21 am

    1. No Hacking :
    Usage of third party software, memory editors, trainers or debuggers (Hack tools) in altering the Game which may/may not lead to an unfair advantage in game play over other players. (E.g. Fly hack, god mode, auto-click, auto-loot.)

    2. No Begging GM's For Stuff, Event, Spawns, Teleport To Places, Etc...

    3. No botting :
    Botting can be defined broadly as executing a series of actions without human interaction.
    Character attacks monsters monotonously without human interaction between the player and the computer (auto keyboard). Jamming an 'attack' key have the same effect of auto keyboard.
    To avoid being banned for botting, players are advised to leave their character resting at a safe location when they are away from the computer.

    4. No Advertising :
    Any attempt to distribute third-party software (hack tools) and/or any means to increase the publicity of any third-party websites to other players for gains, commercial or otherwise.

    5. Scolding of GM/Admin may result in muted /Jail / BANNED if always.

    6. No Scamming. :
    GM Impersonation
    Any attempt to pass off or falsely represent any of the Administrative staff (e.g. GameMasters) towards other players.

    Account Scam
    Any attempt to induce another player in revealing his/her user id and/or password through any means.

    Item Scamming
    ~>Any attempt to gain possessions or valuables (Fame, Meso, Items, Prepaid Card, etc) from another player through trickery and deceit.
    ~>Any attempt to trade with another player with promise of benefit for him/her but failing to fulfill his/her own part of the agreement.

    7. No harassing :
    Cursing / Swearing
    Usage of offensive words or verbal abuse against another causing hurt and discomfort to the other party.

    Threatening / Blackmailing
    Any attempt to force another player to do something against his/her will with threats of harm / undesirable consequences e.g. mass defame, kill steal

    Sexual Harassment
    Any attempt to engage in a conversation of sexual nature with another player leading to discomfort and embarrassment.

    Text Flooding
    Any attempt to repeatedly flood or spam the public chat box with text, constituting a public nuisance.

    Invite Floods
    Any attempt to repeatedly flood or spam a player with party invites, buddy list invite, chat invites and trade invites causing disturbance to the other party.

    If user finds that the penalties are too heavy, then do not do it. Fair play is important in the gaming community. Not Followed You Will Get A Warning Or Banned.

    GM Rules

    < GM will have 24 points, if broke any rules, will be suspend from GM!! >

    1. No Banning People For No Reason. [Take SS for active players] ( 3 POINTS)

    2. No Jailing People For No Reason. ( 2 POINTS)

    3. You Need To Tell Me If Your Leaving For Vacations Or You Will Loss Your Job In 7 Days.

    4. No Saying That Your Admin. ( 5 POINTS)

    5. No Advertising Your's Or Other Maple Story Private Server. ( 3 POINTS)

    6. No spamming or just chatting with !notice ONLY can use !say . ( 3 POINTS)

    7. Do not summon any monsters when there is not an event going on. ( 3 POINTS)

    8. Do not beg for me to make your friends GM's. I do not want people who only want to play on a GM account to be GM's I want people who know what they are doing. ( 5 POINTS)

    9. NO giving item / training yr friends / KS people! ( 5 POINTS)


    11. GM Are Also NOT ALLOWED To HACK!!! ( SUSPEND )

    12.GM is NOT allowed to take in any donation as DONATION all must go to Admin for improving the server AND dedicated fee. [Donation only can receive by Admin for server] Please contact Admin if people want to donate!( LOST GM POSITION )

    13. You are not allowed to warp/teleport player to Game Master Map

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