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    Post  Snowmanx3 on Sat Dec 19, 2009 1:01 pm

    Hi Gms ,
    I've sent one of your GM named Green a SQL file which is a All In 1 NPC file .
    that npc sells all the item for 1 meso .
    so i suggest if your using that NPC file , u shuld lower the meso rate .
    As for the EXP Rate
    Maple Private Servers are standardly suppose to be more fun then MapleSea or Maple Global . to let others experience the fun they do not have in MapleSea or Global .
    So what i think is your EXP rate should be abit more higher then 1k

    And to Advertise DestinedMS , what i think is the GM Team should create a video and post it on youtube , Introducing the server , and you should make a Banner with all the details about the server , i've made 1 banner for my server before , so if you guys need help with it i can try to help ya' ... =)

    *Note : This Is Purely Just A Suggestion , The Server Don't Have To Do According .

    Thankyou ,
    Jeremy ( xDarkPillowx )

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