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    Post  ahhchuen on Wed Jan 06, 2010 9:20 am

    Name: Chuen

    IGN: AhhChuen



    Location and Timezone: Malaysia ( UTC/GMT +8 hours )

    Previous Experience: I don't possessed a lot of experience in anything .. but i have I have experience in Photo Editing.

    How you can contribute to the server: I can't really help ALOT in inviting people because all of my friends, DON't MAPLE! But I will see what i can do to invite people.
    Other than that, I am very experience to handle any situation in the server. Helping players OF COURSE is a MUST! But I too will help out as much as I can for the server in the future and present.

    (Why I should pick you)
    I wished to be a GM because I want to help all the players who need helps.

    If you find a hacker, what will you do?: give him a warning .. if him still hacking.. i will ban or jail him.

    Would you give free items to someone?: no.. in the GM rules.. we can't give items without reason.

    A little bit about you: i not a handsome Sad

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