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    iRawr's Gm application


    iRawr's Gm application Empty iRawr's Gm application

    Post  seng on Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:23 am

    This is my simple application..Hope you will not mind XD

    Have you read the rules? :I did it, i'll ensure i will follow the rules all the way whenever im a player in the games.

    Will you enforce the rules if broken by another player? If so, what will you do to a first time rule breaker? : Everything will happen inside the game,nobody can estimate what was happen..the thing i will do is : I will considerate how serious of the things happen,and thinking how serious will the impact cause due to the rules breaker,then i will take the suitable action to the rules breaker depend on his action

    Real Name (First name, initial of last name) : Yisen SENg

    Gender (M/F) : Male

    Age/Date of birth (00/00/0000) : 29-03-1992

    Name in-game :It will be probaly iRawr

    What skills do you have that others don't that will help influence our choice of making you a GM over everyone else? : What i can say im very helpful and active, i hate hacker!! Cause my original maple lvl 18x dk is hacked, so i will not forgive anyone tat are hacking around..i will very appreciate my gm position(If im chosen to the gm position) so tat im not gona to abuse the gm power and always follow the rules n instrution of the admin..

    Experience (if any) :i Hav some experience when being of a GM position..AngerFist MS: iI have been a ANTI-HACKER GAME MASTER there which always track for some stupid hacker in private server..n etc.

    Timezone (Ex. (GMT-0500) Eastern Time (US & Canada) : GMT+8.well im living on malaysia

    How many hours can you be online a day? (Game and forums) : Usually I can online over 10 hours everyday cause im finish with my studying XD

    Other information (anything you think may influence our choice) : I can promise that i will be a NICE GM and I will willing to help the server become clean and bustling with noise..otherwise,i will promote this server so that more player is going to join our server..

    ANyway..THanks FOR YOUR Reading
    by : iRawr

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